14-Day Think About Your Drink Challenge Opt-In

Really? A two-week process to reduce excess calories from liquid sugar?

It's entirely possible with this challenge. Here's how it works:

  • Each day, you'll receive a short lesson on topics such as the best drink options, techniques to reduce sugary drinks and replace them with healthy options, discussions on energy drinks, alcohol, coffee and tea.  
  • Via our app (or email if you prefer), you'll be asked to answer one simple yes/no question each day..."Did you drink only water, tea, or coffee yesterday?" 
  • You'll also receive one simple daily task..."Drink only water, tea, or coffee today."
  • I'll provide the education. You do your best with the challenge and answer the question each day. And I'll track your answers on the back end. It's that simple!

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Ready to take the challenge?

Reminder: Limited spots available!